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TM1 9.0SP3 U2

TM1 9.0SP3 U2 was released on the 28th of february.

fixed issues in U2 are:
TM1 9.0 SP3 U2 addresses memory and performance issues when using TM1 Web in a busy, multi-user environment to perform the following tasks:

TM1 9.1 beta

TM1 9.1 beta was released last week

- logging improved
- performance counters
- tm1top built-in
- TLS support
- multi-thread startup process to accelerate cube loading (if you do not use conditional feeders)

TM1 9.0SP3 released

TM1 9.0SP3 is available since yesterday from the software downloads section on Applix website.

fixed issues since 9.0SP3 U4:

If the MinorErrorLogMax local variable was set in a TurboIntegrator process, minor errors were not properly written to the TM1ProcessError.log file. Instead, a single error was written to the log file, indicating that the log file error limit had been reached:

TM1 9SP2 U4 released

TM1 9SP2 U4 was released yesterday.
It fixes the following issues:

When the following conditions were true, incorrect child values
were displayed when drilling down on a consolidation in a cube
ViewConsolidationOptimization is set to F in the server’s
Tm1s.cfg file
The VMT property for the cube is set to 0 in the
}CubeProperties control cube

Attempting to open a view that included an empty subset
sometimes caused a server crash.

When you selected a chore in the Server Explorer, the Chores
properties pane displayed member processes in alphabetical

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