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Updating SQL directly with Tm1

Is it possible to directly update SQL tables using Tm1? If yes, what steps do I have to follow?

TM1 9.1 SP3

new features:

.rebranding to Cognos
.SAP Connector Enhancements
.performance/server improvements
.license control removed: MAX_USERS=99999 !

fixed issues:

315202 TM1 Formula Editor fails to display more than 17 dimensions.

Happy Birthday!

BIhints is 1 year old today!

As a strange coincidence, all the TM1 9.1 SSL certificates decided to expire today too.
So if you are running TM1 9.1.x and you cannot connect to your server, this is "normal". You need to replace the SSL certificates, the new ones can be downloaded from the forum or from the applix customer support page.

TM1 9.1SP2 U3

9.1SP2 U3 was released last week and it is fixing the following inquiries:

331882 A customer reported a unique scenario in which modifications to a subset in a TM1 Web cube view caused other unrelated subsets in the same view to change.

TM1 9.1 SP2 U2

This release fixes the following issues:

N/A When multiple views are open in Executive Viewer, the TM1 server crashes when
you close the last open view.

N/A If one thread is changing the registration of a subset from unregistered to private and another thread is deleting elements from the dimension that is the parent of the subset, a TM1 server crash can occur.

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