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spilling the beans


TM1 9.1SP2 U1

TM1 9.1.2 U1 was released yesterday

fixed issues:

330067 The TM1DimensionElementDelete API function performs poorly in comparison to
previous TM1 releases.

330355 In TM1 9.1, initial connection to the TM1 server using the

TM1 9.0 SP3 U5

TM1 9.0 SP3 U5 was released last week

fixed issues:

Using the TM1 VUSLICE function in an Excel template was
causing a TM1 server crash.
A customer reported that certain TI processes were taking

TM1 9.1 SP2

TM1 9.1 SP2 was released yesterday

new feature: TM1User function, it returns the name of the currently logged in user, it works in Excel and TM1Web.

fixed inquiries:
Multiple instances of an element appear in dynamic subset despite use of DISTINCT function.

TM1 9.1 SP1

9.1 SP1 was released last friday

Inquiries Resolved in this Release:

Inquiry Description
300407 "Data directory not found" error
316984 A random but small number of subsequent Copy&Paste operations crashes Excel if the TM1 Excel Add-in (tm1p.xla) is installed

TM1 jobs

There is a new website dedicated to TM1 Jobs simply called

You might also want to try out this Yahoo! pipe that I created: that is querying a few jobs sites to extract all the TM1 jobs.

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