graphing TM1 data flow

Attached is the new version of a little parser in perl (free) that will create a text file for graphviz (free too) out of your .pro and .rux files and then generate a graph of the data flow in your TM1 server...

data flow
(the image has been cropped and scaled down for display, the original image is actually readable)


ellipses = cubes, rectangles = processes
red = cellget, blue = cellput, green = inter-cube rule

Procedure to follow:

1. install perl and graphviz
2. put the genflow perl script in any folder, make sure it has the .pl extension (not txt)
3. doubleclick on it
4. Enter the path to your TM1 Data folder such as: \\servername\datafolder where \\servername\datafolder is the full file path to your TM1 data folder
5. Hit return and wait until the window disappears
This creates 2 files: "" and "flow.gif" in the same folder as the perl script
6. Open "flow.gif" in any browser or picture editor

.CellPut parsing fix
.cubes/processes names displayed 'as is'

.display import view names along the edges
.display zeroout views
.sources differentiated by shape

This is still quite experimental but this could become useful to view at a glance high-level interactions between your cubes.