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Can we display string elements along with number fields during consolidations(qtr, year-to-date, month-to-date)

Scenario: I have three rows (rows include string fields and number(dollar) fields) that contain data from Jan, Feb and Mar. I would like my rows to be displayed for the following scenarios along with the string fields:

When I select Feb YTD then I should get 2 rows that includes one row from Jan and the one from feb along with the string elements. likewise when I select Mar YTD, I should pull in 3 rows along with string elements.When I select Feb I should pull only 1 row for that month.

I created consolidate element, let's say Feb YTD (that has Jan and Feb as the 'n' level elements, however when I pick Feb YTD in my cube viewer - I am just pulling the number fields (without consolidation which is what I want) but at the same time my string elements are not displayed.

Any ideas/suggestions.


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When you are consolidation

When you are consolidation elements into Hierarchies, you are creating Roll-ups. Which means that the numbers will be added up at the consolidation level.

But if you are dealing with String data type unfortunate you can not do this because you can not perform any kind of Arithmetic operations on the Strings.

To avoid this situation we always try to avoid the String data type

Hope it helps.

Rizwan Kaif