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dynamic SQL queries with TI parameters

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It is possible to use parameters in the SQL statement of Turbo Integrator to produce dynamic ODBC queries

Here is how to proceed:

1. create your TI process
2. Advanced->Parameters Tab, insert parameter p0
3. Advanced->Prolog Tab add the processing code to define parameter p0
example: p0 = CellGetS(cube,dim1,dim2...)
4. save the TI process
5. open Data Source, add parameter p0 in WHERE clause
example select * from lib.table where name = '?p0?'
6. run, answer "keep all variables" when prompted

If you need numeric parameters, there is a twist! numeric parameters do not work! (at least for TM1 9.x)
example: select * from lib.customer where purchase > ?p0? will fail although p0 is defined as a numeric and quotes have been removed accordingly.

But fear not, there is a "simple" workaround
1. proceed as above up to step 5
2. Advanced->Prolog tab, at the bottom: strp0 = NumberToString(p0);
3. Data Source tab, in the SQL statement replace ?p0? with CAST('?strp0?' as int)
example: select * from lib.customer where purchase > ?p0?
becomes select * from lib.customer where purchase > CAST('?strp0?' as int)
clicking the preview button will not show anything but the process will work as you can verify by placing an asciioutput in the Advanced->Data tab.
The CAST function is standard SQL so that should be working for any type of SQL server.

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Parameters should be string datatype

A clarification on the second half of the post above. It is not necessary to add the "CAST" function to the SQL to pass numeric values. The trick is to think of the parameter as a substitution string, not a value. Define the parameter as a string and insert it into the SQL embedded in ?'s. When setting the value in the Advanced Prolog tab, convert the numeric value you would like to use into a string value. That value will be simply substituted into the SQL statement directly, as if you typed the value into the SQL yourself.

For instance:

In the Advanced/Prolog tab:

strFY = NUMBERTOSTRING(CELLGETN('Control Cube','FYElem','ControlValue');


Name: strFY, datatype: string, Default value: 2010, Prompt: Enter the FY:

In the SQL:
where FY = ?strFY?

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