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How is your TM1 experience?

TI logic for below issue

Hi Gurus,

I am very new to tm1.

As of now i am working on the logic for below issue:

Implement using: TI process

Logic to be implemented:

If the product dimension already has a code in the target tm1 cube and it also has a cost in the data source, it needs to replace the TM1 Cube with the new code from data source.
If the product dimension does not have a product code in the target cube, it needs to populate the data from the data source.
If the product dimension has a Product code in the target cube and does not exist in the data source, the process should ignore it and leave the value in the TM1 cube untouched.

Please do the needful.


Displaying list of employees for a given dept and location using

I am creating a salary plan model for employees within the company. The company is divided across various work locations with each location having multiple departments. In our situation an employee can work across multiple departments and locations. While building the model using active forms we are using location, department, year , month etc as in the title. The employees are displayed in the rows with the columns having wages, bonus and other information. How can I make the model such that for a given combination of location, department I display the list of employees. I have tried to use MDX and also create multiple department and company attributes is not very efficient. Any ideas?