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sharing and organising free knowledge for BI implementations with a focus on IBM Cognos TM1.

TM1 9.5.2

TM1 9.5.2 is released.

Here the new features and fix list

TM1 blogs is a new feed collecting content and driving traffic to bloggers offering news and tutorials about TM1.
This will help TM1 bloggers and users to connect and follow the "TM1 blogosphere".

If for some reason you do not use a RSS reader, you can still subscribe by email to receive teasers of the blog posts or use the form below.

commenting out portions of code in TI


You would like to comment out portions of code for legacy or future use instead of removing it. Appending # at the front of every line is ugly and messes up the indenting. Here is a quick, neat and simple fix...

TM1 Documenter (a Documenting tool)

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Just FYR, New Version of TM1 Documenter Version2.5 (A documenting tool) has been released.
I believe, it will very useful to TM1 Consultants & Developers, and the Organisations as well.

Cognos Express 9.5.0

Cognos Express 9.5.0 was released yesterday. You can find the list of issues corrected here.