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monitoring chores by email part 2

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Following up on monitoring chores by email, we will take a slightly different approach this time.
We use a "metaprocess" to execute all the processes listed in the original chore, check their return status and eventually act on it.
This allows for maximum flexibility as you can get that controlling process to react differently to any exit status of any process.

dynamic SQL queries with TI parameters

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It is possible to use parameters in the SQL statement of Turbo Integrator to produce dynamic ODBC queries

Here is how to proceed:

TM1 9.1 SP2

TM1 9.1 SP2 was released yesterday

new feature: TM1User function, it returns the name of the currently logged in user, it works in Excel and TM1Web.

fixed inquiries:
Multiple instances of an element appear in dynamic subset despite use of DISTINCT function.

Which TM1 version are you on?

Dynamic Formatting

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It is possible to preformat dynamic slices by using the Edit Element Formats button in the subset editor. However that formatting is static and will not apply to new elements of a slowly changing dimension. Also it takes a long time to load/save when you try to apply it to more than a few dozen elements.

As an example, we will demonstrate how to dynamically alternate row colors in a TM1 report for a Customer dimension.