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spilling the beans
sharing and organising free knowledge for BI implementations with a focus on IBM Cognos TM1.

monitoring chores by email

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Using the script in the Send Email Attachments article, it is possible to set it up to automatically email the Admin when a process in a chore fails.

TM1 9.1 beta

TM1 9.1 beta was released last week

- logging improved
- performance counters
- tm1top built-in
- TLS support
- multi-thread startup process to accelerate cube loading (if you do not use conditional feeders)

dynamic tm1p.ini and homepages in Excel

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Pointing all your users to a single TM1 Admin host is convenient but not flexible if you manage several TM1 services.
Each TM1 service might need different settings and you do not necessarily want users to be able to see the development or test services for example.

indexing subsets

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Maintaining subsets on your server might be problematic. For example you wanted to delete an old subset that you found out to be incorrect and your server replied this:
delete subset failed

Turbo Integrator highlighters

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To make your TM1 developer day more colorful, how about a syntax highlighter for Turbo Integrator? or 2?

Dominique Righetto came up the first with a syntax highlighter in ConTEXT it comes preconfigured here