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spilling the beans
sharing and organising free knowledge for BI implementations with a focus on IBM Cognos TM1.

publish views

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Publishing users' view is still far from a quick and simple process in TM1.
First, the admin cannot see other users' views.
Second, users cannot publish their own views themselves.
So publishing views always require a direct intervention from the admin, well not anymore :)

store any files in the Applications folder


The Applications folder is great but limited to views and xls files, well not anymore ;).
The following explains how to make available just any file in your Applications folders.

1. create a file called myfile.blob in }Applications\ on your TM1 server

removing TM1 formulas from Excel sheets


The following code adds a button in your Excel toolbars to replace all TM1 formulas in the current book with their values in order to get your worksheets TM1-free.

It works in a similar fashion as KillTM1 from R. Gardiner


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Attached to this page is the TM1 Open Source Toolkit developed by James Wakefield

v 1.0.1 adds:
.vba code for running TI processes/chores
.vba for running MDX reports

send email/attachments

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It is possible to send email alerts or reports as attachments from Turbo Integrator. This can be achieved by executing a VB script.

1. save the attached VB script on your TM1 server
2. create a TI process