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TM1 9.0SP3 released

TM1 9.0SP3 is available since yesterday from the software downloads section on Applix website.

fixed issues since 9.0SP3 U4:

If the MinorErrorLogMax local variable was set in a TurboIntegrator process, minor errors were not properly written to the TM1ProcessError.log file. Instead, a single error was written to the log file, indicating that the log file error limit had been reached:

scheduling chores on calendar events


Scheduling chores in TM1 can be frustrating as it does not offer to run on specific dates or other types of events. The following article explains how to create chores schedules as flexible as you need them to be.

cube viewer tips


columns width
when you have a view with a lot of dimensions viewable, it happens that most of the screen estate is consumed by the dimensions columns and you find yourself scrolling a lot left and right to read the data points.

creating (temporary) views


when creating views from the cube viewer, there is a hard limit to the size of the view displayed. It is 100MB (32bit) or 500MB (64bit) by default, it chan be changed with the MaximumViewSize

managing the licences limit


One day you might face or already faced the problem of too many licences being in use and as a result additional users cannot log in.
Also on a default setup, nothing stops users from opening several tm1web/perspectives sessions and reach the limit of licenses.