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Locking and updating locked cubes

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Locking cubes is a good way to insure your (meta)data is not tampered with.
Right click on the cube you wish to lock, then select Security->Lock.
This now protects the cube contents from TI process and (un)intentional admins' changes.

padding zeroes


This a short simple syntax to easily pad zeroes to an index value:

Period = 'Period ' | NumberToStringEx(index, '00','','');

(from olap forums)

TM1 9.5

TM1 9.5 was released this week.
Expect a very large amount of clicks and several logging prompts before reaching the actual download link for that software.

New features:

TM1 9.1 SP4

TM1 9.1 SP4 was released last week.
It can be downloaded from the Customer Support page.

pushing data from an iSeries to TM1

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TM1 chore scheduling is frequency based, i.e. it will run and try to pull data after a predefined period of time regardless of the availability of the data at the source. Unfortunately it can be a hit or miss and it can even become a maintenance issue when Daylight Saving Time come into play.
Ideally you would need to import or get the data pushed to TM1 as soon as it is available. The following article shows one way of achieving that goal with an iSeries as the source...