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TM1 Microcharts Mobile

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Here is one way to generate TM1 reports fit for small displays, such as Blackberry or any other smartphone, without requiring to install any extras on the phone or setting up servers.

TM1 Customer Roadshow 2008 - London

There will be a TM1 event on Tuesday 14th October 2008 at IBM Forum Centre, Heathrow
. News of the latest Cognos products and how they integrate with IBM technologies
. Future IBM Cognos TM1 product roadmap for 2009

Can we display string elements along with number fields during consolidations(qtr, year-to-date, month-to-date)

Scenario: I have three rows (rows include string fields and number(dollar) fields) that contain data from Jan, Feb and Mar. I would like my rows to be displayed for the following scenarios along with the string fields:

TM1 9.4

TM1 9.4 was released last week.
It can be found on Cognos support site for registered customers. has a powerpoint from Ben Hill describing the features. And olapforums users have an ongoing discussion about the fitness of that new release.

monitor rules and processes

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Changing a rule or process in TM1 does not show up in the logs.
That is fine as long as you are the only Power User able to tinker with these objects.
Unfortunately, it can get out of hand pretty quickly as more power users join the party and make changes that might impact other departments data.