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sharing and organising free knowledge for BI implementations with a focus on IBM Cognos TM1.

monitoring users logins


a quick way to monitor users login/logout on your system is to log the STATUS value (i.e. ACTIVE or blank) from the }ClientProperties cube.

SQL statement failed

Hi, I need some help.
I have a Tm1 process that reads from an access database query.
This was still working about a week ago. No I am getting the following error message. SQL statement failed.
Any ideas on what can cause this and why it happens?

Beam me up Scotty: 3D Animated TM1 Data Flow

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Explore the structure of your TM1 system through the Skyrails 3D interface:

the fallacy of blb files

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TM1 system files with the blb extension, incorrectly referenced as "cube formatting" files (admin guide p.35) are actually "rule formatting" files for the "standard" rules editor (prior to 9.1).

The case against single children


I came across hierarchies holding single children.
While creating a consolidation over only 1 element might make sense in some hierarchies, some people just use consolidations as an alternative to aliases.