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How to monitor TM1 connections using a Java application



download --> TM1Shell.rar.
This program is a shell that allows you to connect to a TM1 server running.

Then it starts two threads :

Bulk Reporting


The TM1->Print Report function from Perspectives is useful to generate static reports in bulk for a given set of elements.
The following code is mimicking and extending that functionality to achieve bulk reporting for a TM1 report in a more flexible fashion.

TM1 operators


logical operators:
% OR

processes history


On a large undocumented and mature TM1 server you might find yourself with a lot of processes and you wonder how many of them are still in use or the last time they got run.

The following script answers these questions for you.

TM1 9.1SP2 U3

9.1SP2 U3 was released last week and it is fixing the following inquiries:

331882 A customer reported a unique scenario in which modifications to a subset in a TM1 Web cube view caused other unrelated subsets in the same view to change.