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send email/attachments

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It is possible to send email alerts or reports as attachments from Turbo Integrator. This can be achieved by executing a VB script.

1. save the attached VB script on your TM1 server
2. create a TI process
3. in Epilog add the following code:

S_Run='cmd /c D:\path\to\SendMail.vbs 25 "Today report" "check it out" E:\TM1Reports\todaysreport.xls'

The syntax is:
SendMail.vbs server port sender destination subject body attachment
so replace the fields as required to suit your setup

/!\ The DOS command line is limited to 255 characters so avoid putting too much information in the body.
/!\ If a field contains a blank space you must enclose that field in quotes so the script gets the correct parameters

code from kc_kang (applix forum) and

Applix is developing a tool called "Report Connect" currently in the beta stage, which will integrate with TM1 and allow users to schedule automated reports emailing from the TM1 server

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