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spilling the beans


a closer look at chores

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if you ever loaded a .cho file in an editor this is what you would expect:

Dimensions updates mapping


When faced with a large "undocumented" TM1 server, it might become hard to see how dimensions are being updated.

The following perl/graphviz script creates a graph to display which processes are updating dimensions.

monitoring chores by email part 2

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Following up on monitoring chores by email, we will take a slightly different approach this time.
We use a "metaprocess" to execute all the processes listed in the original chore, check their return status and eventually act on it.
This allows for maximum flexibility as you can get that controlling process to react differently to any exit status of any process.

TM1 services on the command line


removing a TM1 service
in a DOS shell:
go to the \bin folder where TM1 is installed then:
tm1sd -remove "TM1 Service"
where "TM1 Service is the name of an existing TM1 service
or: sc delete "TM1 Service"

TM1Web vs TM1 Server Explorer DeathMatch

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I have a strong dislike for TM1Web and here is why...

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