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spilling the beans


store any files in the Applications folder


The Applications folder is great but limited to views and xls files, well not anymore ;).
The following explains how to make available just any file in your Applications folders.

1. create a file called myfile.blob in }Applications\ on your TM1 server

managing the licences limit


One day you might face or already faced the problem of too many licences being in use and as a result additional users cannot log in.
Also on a default setup, nothing stops users from opening several tm1web/perspectives sessions and reach the limit of licenses.

tm1web customizer


The tm1web customizer will allow you to change the default logos and color schemes of tm1web from a graphical interface.
That is trying to make it more convenient to customize your tm1web without having to dig in the code.

TM1 and Excel in 1 click

| | |

the following code will:
- load TM1 add-in
- hide the TM1 toolbars (most people do not need spreading, developer.. tools)
- log you on TM1
- open the Server Explorer
- expand the applications and cubes



realtime monitoring of your TM1 server, pretty much like the GNU top command.


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