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turbo integrator

TM1 operators


logical operators:
% OR

dynamic SQL queries with TI parameters

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It is possible to use parameters in the SQL statement of Turbo Integrator to produce dynamic ODBC queries

Here is how to proceed:

Filtering by Attributes and logical operators

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This returns members that match a certain attribute value using the Filter function.
{FILTER( {TM1SUBSETALL( [Product] )}, [Product].[Category] = "Customer Lending")}

This example looks at multiple attribute values to return a filtered list:

Turbo Integrator highlighters

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To make your TM1 developer day more colorful, how about a syntax highlighter for Turbo Integrator? or 2?

Dominique Righetto came up the first with a syntax highlighter in ConTEXT it comes preconfigured here

send email/attachments

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It is possible to send email alerts or reports as attachments from Turbo Integrator. This can be achieved by executing a VB script.

1. save the attached VB script on your TM1 server
2. create a TI process

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