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spilling the beans


monitor rules and processes

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Changing a rule or process in TM1 does not show up in the logs.
That is fine as long as you are the only Power User able to tinker with these objects.
Unfortunately, it can get out of hand pretty quickly as more power users join the party and make changes that might impact other departments data.

Beam me up Scotty: 3D Animated TM1 Data Flow

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Explore the structure of your TM1 system through the Skyrails 3D interface:

graphing TM1 data flow

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Attached is the new version of a little parser in perl (free) that will create a text file for graphviz (free too) out of your .pro and .rux files and then generate a graph of the data flow in your TM1 server...

processes history


On a large undocumented and mature TM1 server you might find yourself with a lot of processes and you wonder how many of them are still in use or the last time they got run.

The following script answers these questions for you.

a closer look at chores

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if you ever loaded a .cho file in an editor this is what you would expect:

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