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spilling the beans


a closer look at dynamic slices

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Dynamic slices can be quite useful when the elements you display in your reports evolve over time, they automatically update with the new elements.
The following article will try to dig into the parameters that define these slices and show some of the possibilities to interact with these. The idea was originally submitted by Philip Bichard.

Bulk Reporting


The TM1->Print Report function from Perspectives is useful to generate static reports in bulk for a given set of elements.
The following code is mimicking and extending that functionality to achieve bulk reporting for a TM1 report in a more flexible fashion.

dynamic tm1p.ini and homepages in Excel

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Pointing all your users to a single TM1 Admin host is convenient but not flexible if you manage several TM1 services.
Each TM1 service might need different settings and you do not necessarily want users to be able to see the development or test services for example.

removing TM1 formulas from Excel sheets


The following code adds a button in your Excel toolbars to replace all TM1 formulas in the current book with their values in order to get your worksheets TM1-free.

It works in a similar fashion as KillTM1 from R. Gardiner


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Attached to this page is the TM1 Open Source Toolkit developed by James Wakefield

v 1.0.1 adds:
.vba code for running TI processes/chores
.vba for running MDX reports

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