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TM1 9.0SP3 released

TM1 9.0SP3 is available since yesterday from the software downloads section on Applix website.

fixed issues since 9.0SP3 U4:

If the MinorErrorLogMax local variable was set in a TurboIntegrator process, minor errors were not properly written to the TM1ProcessError.log file. Instead, a single error was written to the log file, indicating that the log file error limit had been reached:
Data procedure line (1): Log file error limit has been reached.

Executive Viewer was returning the following error when running against a TM1 cube that had re-ordered dimensions:
Failed to read Data from the Database

Attempting to open a dynamic subset (MDX) that contained no elements caused a TM1 server crash.

When a TurboIntegrator process used an SAP InfoCube datasource, actions in child processes were not updated when relevant actions in a parent process were changed.

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