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TM1 9.0SP3 U2

TM1 9.0SP3 U2 was released on the 28th of february.

fixed issues in U2 are:
TM1 9.0 SP3 U2 addresses memory and performance issues when using TM1 Web in a busy, multi-user environment to perform the following tasks:
Exporting large websheets or cubeviews from TM1 Web.
Using the Subset Editor in TM1 Web.

329581 A locking issue with the }Hold dimension and the
CubeCellSpreadStatusGet function was causing ASSERT
messages to appear in the Tm1smsg.log file.

fixed issues in U1 are:
In previous versions of TM1, data spreading could successfully be applied to a cell that derived its value through rules when the applicable rules statement included the CONTINUE function.
For example, if a rule included the statement ['Units']=N:if(!month@='jan',STET,continue);
you could successfully use data spreading to modify a cube value identified by the elements Units and Jan. This was incorrect; you should not be able to modify rules-derived values by applying data spreading.

The Relative Percent Adjustment spreading method did not correctly check for the presence of rules-derived values or held cells in the children of the consolidation from which spreading was initiated. Consequently, spreading results were inaccurate.

After installing the TM1 server on a 64-bit Windows OS, the TM1 License Manager did not display the installed server, making it impossible to successfully license the server.

When TM1 exported values greater than 1.0e10-14, the number format for the value was converted from scientific format to fixed format. However, before the conversion was applied any trailing zeros were removed from the scientific format string.
For example, the trailing zero was removed from the value -2,03288e-020, resulting in -2,03288e-02. These values are clearly not equivalent, and this led to incorrect values being exported from TM1.

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