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TM1 9.1 beta

TM1 9.1 beta was released last week

- logging improved
- performance counters
- tm1top built-in
- TLS support
- multi-thread startup process to accelerate cube loading (if you do not use conditional feeders)
- new locking model, improved concurrency
- action button: ability to run TI processes from excel worksheets / tm1web
- new rules editor, code highlighting, code folding...
- URL addressable websheets/cubeviews
- all file types can be uploaded to the application folder
- tm1web homepage/navigation configurable on a per-user basis
- tm1 .net api
- firefox 2 support for tm1web
- patch upgrades instead of full reinstall upgrades from 9.1SP1 onwards

285648 Single Threading (Application Issue).
286132 Check syntax button on Rules Editor.
289327 Enhancement Requests - Install Procedure improvement to uninstall current version.
296493 Checkbox for chore activation reverts to checked automatically, upon edit of the chore.
299200 In Subset Editor, it should be possible to hide the MDX Expression of a dynamic subset, if the dynamic subset is opened.
307531 Customer would like an option to be able to turn off the tabs at the top of the reports entirely.
308617 Sdata seems to be incorrect cube: SalesPrior Cube.
308668 Filter truncates element name.
309327 Insrt - gives incorrect example in Help file.
309776 TM1 Client DLL's version information are not properly maintained.
311136 Server Explorer: Properties pane order issue for processes when chore is highlighted. Should be in order of Execution and not alphabetical.
311163 TM1Server or local appears twice in the Server Explorer window.
312184 Wants a parameter to set a start sheet in TM1Web 9.
314609 Security Guide documentation error with MAX_READONLY_USERS.
315041 Websheets: ISERROR & ISERR excel functions do not work correctly, infinite/NaN value checking (and printing).
315983 ETLDAP and SSL issue.
316692 Tm1 server crash\busy.
317608 Server Explorer: Dimension order different in properties pane than in tree under the cube.
318270 No scroll bar on Validation list on TM1Web.
321631 TM1 9.0 SP1 Server Explorer: Property Window displays a cube's dimensions alphabetically, not hierarchically. Same is true for a chore's order of TI processes.
321866 Enhancement request - TM1Logging for TI.
322226 Maximum number of connections exceeded lock user accounts with invalid "Maximum Logon Attempts" message.
322875 Scroll bar created for data validation list in Tm1 web does not work.
324964 Server Explorer: Can't resize ASCII export "View Extract" window.
325182 EXPORT :: Export to PDF fails if the TM1Web is *not* installed in the default directory and there is a space, e.g. C:\Program Files\TM1Web.
325732 IE7: Error during slice/snapshot with TM1Web and IE7.
325757 Dynamic Subset warning not relevant for public subsets accessed by non-admin users.
326383 ODBO PROVIDER: Calling Empty Dynamic subset in mdx crashes server.
326572 Character limit for fixed width ASCII data source in TI is causing a client crash.
327007 TM1 Web Sheet - Freeze Frame Offset
327563 Custom setup installs a TM1 Server service with the name "YourServeName" in place of the given server name (see screen-shot).
328044 TM1 WEB ISERROR failing.

Windows 2000 and IE 5.5 are not supported/tested anymore.

Note this is beta, so it introduces a whole new lot of bugs.
More details in the releases notes that can be found in the applix doc section.

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