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spilling the beans

TM1 9.1 SP2

TM1 9.1 SP2 was released yesterday

new feature: TM1User function, it returns the name of the currently logged in user, it works in Excel and TM1Web.

fixed inquiries:
Multiple instances of an element appear in dynamic subset despite use of DISTINCT function.

In TM1 Websheets, VLOOKUP functions fail if the first argument is a named range.

A DIMNM function that references an invalid argument will prevent a TM1 Websheet from opening.

A function that does arithmetic with an empty string evaluates correctly in Excel, but returns an incorrect value in TM1 Websheet.

329941, 330355
In TM1 9.1, initial connection to the TM1 server using the TM1SystemServerConnect API function takes an exceptionally long time in comparison to TM1 9.0.

In TM1 9.1, creating a dimension through TurboIntegrator takes an exceptionally long time in comparison to TM1 9.0.

If more than 1293 elements are locked, the TM1 server can not be successfully restarted.

If a TurboIntegrator process that creates TM1 objects is interrupted or fails, any objects created before the interruption are visible and usable in the Server Explorer. However, those same objects are deleted from the server when the server is restarted.

Multiple users accessing a single view can cause the TM1 client to hang.

Incorrect string rule syntax causes a TM1 server crash.

When a rule generates string attributes, a FEEDSTRINGS statement in the rule causes a server crash.

Dynamic subsets based on element attribute values to not refresh automatically. You must click Update to reevaluate and view a subset.

331514, 331621
If a parent TurboIntegrator process calls a child process that generates an MDX-based subset, and the subset contains zero elements, the parent process exits prematurely.

331585, 331680
Print Report crashes Excel when selecting a subset to create a print range.

Feeders that specify multiple elements from a single dimension are executed only for the first specified element.

For example, the feeder ['Sales',{'Jan','Feb'}] => ['Salescopy1']; specifies both the Jan and Feb elements of the Month dimension, but the feeder is executed only for the first element, Jan.

TM1ExcelService is does not start automatically upon system start.

In the new TM1 Rules Editor, a !dimension argument to a rules function is automatically (and incorrectly) enclosed in quotes.

Difficulty selecting subset elements in TM1 Web using the Find in Subset option.

Tooltip help does not appear when hovering cursor over TM1 Web icons in Firefox.

Websheet cell navigation via keyboard arrow keys does not work in Firefox.

If the result of a DIMIX statement is 0, a TM1 Websheet displays a blank cell rather than the value 0.

Selected elements are not retained after scrolling through large dimension in TM1 Web Subset Editor.

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install foxit instead of acrobat for TM1 9.1.2

About the technical bulletin claiming that you need to install Adobe Acrobat,
I installed foxit reader (free) instead of acrobat and the TM1 9.1 SP2 install went just fine.

It does the same job, much faster to load/install (1.5 MB only!), no bloat, more secure, none of the multiple vulnerabilities of acrobat.