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TM1 9.1 SP4

TM1 9.1 SP4 was released last week.
It can be downloaded from the Customer Support page.

Issues fixed:
TM1 version 8.2 client is significantly faster at loading an
uncalculated view than the TM1 version 9.1 client.

363390 Due to a limitation with Excel 2003, attempting to export Excel\PDF with a large number of websheets can cause TM1 Web to return an error.
NOTE: A new parameter, BriefingBookSheetSaveThreshold, has
been added to tm1excelservice.exe.config to address this issue.
For more details, see BriefingBookSheetSaveThreshold Parameter
to Tm1excelservice.exe.config above.

11-76608167 & 11-82035731 Specific MDX query against a TM1 cube returned extraneous rowsets. Previous update releases degraded TM1’s response time when processing MDX statements, especially those containing zero suppression queries. TM1 server crashed when creating a view by MDX expression.

11-69233259 Copying and pasting string text that is longer than 256 characters is causing corrupt cell values in the current cell and other cells with recent text entries.

11-67959937 364090 11-76844524 TM1 server crashes when creating a consolidation from a subset.

11-77468579 & 11-79737871 DBRW formulas using alias values, instead of element ids, are sporadically returning KEY_VALUE errors in Excel.

11-66790613 Replication reports an error when synchronizing a cube on a planet server after deleting a newly added rule and element on the star server.

11-66294707 363327 Some TI processes are causing poor performance when executed
with TM1 version 9.1 SP3 U1.

364217 The SaveDataAll TI function is not working correctly in TM1 version 9.1 SP3 when saving views generated in a chore/process.

N/A TM1 server crashes when viewing an element after the TM1 client (user) that held a lock on the element is deleted.

364647 The tm1server.log file is reporting the following message when users log into certain servers through TM1 Architect or TM1
Perspectives: "TM1.Server GetCollection used to bypass GetBlobs".

N/A Browsing a view in the cube viewer is slower in TM1 9.1 SP3 compared to previous versions of TM1 9.0.

11-75675941 The inclusion of a comment could cause a server failure.

11-82290441 & 11-72058145 Active status property value is not displayed on }ClientPropertiescube. To enable this functionality now, you need to add a new
tm1s.cfg config parameter, ClientPropertiesSyncInterval, and set it to a positive number. This is frequency, in seconds, with which the thread will update the }ClientProperties cube. The config parameter is dynamically configurable. If set to 0 at any time, updates to the cube will stop. See ClientProperties Status above.

Under certain complex condition rules TM1 did not skip export calc data as required.

11-81806473 Cancellation of a TI process no longer causes the error log and other ASCII files to lock up.

Locking during an ODBC TI process that sometimes resulted in truncating text has been fixed.

357405 On TM1 Web, when a user enters data and then uses the spread function data sometimes appeared to be lost when data was submitted on the sheet. This problem has been fixed.

11-82261801 Views saved with automatic calculation or when zero suppression was invoked sometimes caused server failures. These problems have been fixed

11-78871122) Feeder stack Overflow prevents server from starting.

11-71446378) Opening and closing a chore changed time by one hour.

11-79485441) Choosing Zero Out Portion inadvertently deleted the current view.

11-76825661) Cubes failed when a dimension index was incorrectly saved.

11-79134699 Selecting relational data after drilling through caused a failure.

11-76209541 ViewZeroOut improperly processed cube cells.

11-76135698 Multiple users simultaneously accessing certain worksheets sometimes caused “unable to open file” errors.

11-76905251 Use of double apostrophe in an element name caused errors when trying to slice to a title position.

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