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TM1 9.1SP2 U3

9.1SP2 U3 was released last week and it is fixing the following inquiries:

331882 A customer reported a unique scenario in which modifications to a subset in a TM1 Web cube view caused other unrelated subsets in the same view to change.

331099 A customer reported a unique circumstance in which a misleading error message
was issued when replicating a dimension.

331273 Registering chores in TM1 9.1 SP2 takes significantly longer in comparison to 9.0 SP3.
333226, Formatting becomes corrupted when exporting a TM1 Websheet to PDF.

351290 A customer reports that a TurboIntegrator process developed on TM1 9.0 causes a server crash when executed on TM1 9.1.

351296, TM1 Web clients cannot successfully retrieve list of available TM1 servers
357428 from the Admin Server.

352558 Radio Button controls that trigger a recalculation in an Excel worksheet do not work in the corresponding Applix Websheet.

352922 A server crash could occur when an Integrated Login attempt rolled back due to an unavailable lock, typically a lock held by a chore.

353174 A customer reports that sporadic errors occur when applying Relative Proportional
data spreading.

357064 Views containing dynamic subsets take significantly longer to open in TM1 9.1 SP2 U2 in comparison to 9.1 SP2.

357179 A customer reports that spreading from the top level of consolidation for all
dimensions in a cube sometimes results in a TM1 server crash.
Also reported as part of inquiry 357197: Some spreading operations return the error
Spreading Failed Due to Conflicts with Rules, even when no rules are associated with the cube.

357439 Element weights cannot be assigned when aliases are enabled in the Dimension Editor.

358995 The DRILLUPMEMBER MDX function does not work correctly in TM1 9.1.x.

357398 Data spreading fails when applied through a TurboIntegrator process using the
CellPutProportionalSpread function. In some instances, spreading is not applied at
all. In other instances, spreading causes a server crash.

358171 A lock conflict during login can lead to an invalid session left on the TM1 server. Any operation that encounters an invalid session can cause a TM1 server crash, as has been reported by some customers.

358660 Multiple users viewing a worksheet that references user-defined consolidations (UDCs) cause a TM1 server crash.

358990 A customer reports an out of memory error and server crash related to multiple users performing spreading and view calculations at the same time.

359230 The TM1 server crashes when attempting to copy a user-defined consolidation.

N/A When a TI process loads a characteristic hierarchy that has the local variable
DATASOURCESAPUSINGROLEAUTHS=0 in the prolog, the TM1 server crashes.

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