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spilling the beans

TM1 9.5

TM1 9.5 was released this week.
Expect a very large amount of clicks and several logging prompts before reaching the actual download link for that software.

New features:

. undo/redo (for data spreading)
. pick lists
. sandboxes for trying out scenarios before committing to server
. TM1 contributor client (Cognos Planning)

Issues corrected since TM1 9.4.1 FP2:

COGCQ00153327 Export to PDF did not work when using a private subset from a worksheet.
COGCQ00156753 The User Interface for the Attachments button in TM1 Workflow for the All Tasks button did not operate in a manner consistent with other kinds of task buttons.
COGCQ00158251 Korean XP: TM1P crashes Excel 2003.
COGCQ00166276 Reordering dimensions caused a loss of rule-derived data.
COGCQ00166321 Leaving an element name blank caused the server to crash.
COGCQ00166564 TM1 Web: Enhanced security on the TM1 server drop down list.
COGCQ00181585 TM1 Server crashed when adding a blank alias value.
COGCQ00185758 Unable to connect to Tm1top when TM1 server is using CAM authentication Cognos Series 7 ldap and integrated login.
COGCQ00185821 TM1 Server potential deadlock prevented from occurring.
COGCQ00187069 TM1 Server crash from unsafe stargate access fixed.
COGCQ00187980 Security was not properly applied on named subsets.
COGCQ00202628 Updated C8ITK with version 8.4.3071.0 which ensures data returned is
UTF-8 encoded for group names.
COGCQ00202632 ISB Client problem with Cube Level Security.
COGCQ00203133 Fix to prevent deadlock problem.
COGCQ00202579 Syncfusion library missing.
COGCQ00207348 Fixed a locking/race mdx condition.

IBM ad link (no actual download)

However, note the following additional issues:
TM1 9.5 Hot Fix (Dec 1, 2009)
With the release of TM1 9.5 on December 1, 2009, we are also shipping a pre-emptive hot site to address 5 known issues with the eGA release. Many of these issues will not be apparent in development or test environments and all of these issues are TM1 server related (not TM1 web):

Named Levels with BI [CQ 224252]
When using TM1 with C8BI with named levels, BI reports will not work if the named level for a dimension happens to match a member name.
Workaround: Rename the Named Level for the Dimension to ensure that it does/will not match any member of that dimension

Undo/Redo [CQ 221118]
If a "savedataall" is performed, it will adjust the log file in a way that essential disables the capability of undo/redo.
Workaround: The log file generated by the "savedataall" must be deleted in order for Undo/Redo to work properly again.

DB2 Relational Reports [CQ 225804]
If (1) running BI relation reports using DB2 first and (2) then a TM1 report in BI, the reports for TM1 will never work. This relates to how DB2 and TM1 instantiates the OpenSSL dll.
Workaround: Run the TM1 reports first and everything will work fine for that BI server session.

AIX [CQ 225341]
When running a AIX server under heavy load for several days, the TM1 server may crash. There are no exact reproduction steps for this crash other running the server for several days under AIX.
Workaround: None. This will most likely never be encountered in a development or test environment. In fact even in production, the customer may never see the effect of this bug.

Performance [CQ 218361]
Under heavy concurrency of over 100 concurrent users, TM1 9.5 will operate more slowly than TM1 9.4. This becomes more apparent as there are more concurrent users on a TM1 server. It appears that views with Dynamic Subsets causes most of the (but not all) of the performance impact.
Workaround: Performance can be improved to a degree by NOT using dynamic subsets if possible.

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