Before running the following script you need to setup a chore with a TI process to execute that line in Prolog:


/!\ Avoid using the SaveTime setting in tm1s.cfg as it could conflict with other chores/processes trying to run at the same time

here is the DOS backup script that you can schedule to backup your TM1 server

netsvc /stop \\TM1server "TM1 service"

sleep 300

rmdir "\\computer2\path\to\backup" /S /Q
mkdir "\\computer2\path\to\backup"
xcopy "\\TM1server\path\to\server" "\\computer2\path\to\backup" /Y /R /S
xcopy "\\TM1server\path\to\server\}*" "\\computer2\path\to\backup" /Y /R /S
netsvc /start \\TM1server "TM1 service"

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