Monitoring chores by email

Using the script in the Send Email Attachments article, it is possible to set it up to automatically email the Admin when a process in a chore fails.

Here is how to proceed:

1. Setup admin email process
First we create a process to add an email field to the ClientProperties cube and add an email to forward to the Admin.

1.1 create a new process
---- Advanced/Parameters Tab, insert this parameter:
AdminEmail / String / / "Admin Email?"

--- Advanced/Prolog tab
if(DIMIX('}ClientProperties','Email') = 0);

--- Advanced/Epilog tab

1.2 Save and Run

2. Create monitor process

---- Advanced/Prolog tab
MailServer = '';
LogDir = '\\tm1server\e$\TM1Data\Log';
ScriptDir = 'E:\TM1Data\';

NumericGlobalVariable( 'ProcessReturnCode');

If(ProcessReturnCode <> ProcessExitNormal());

If(ProcessReturnCode = ProcessExitByChoreQuit());
Status = 'Exit by ChoreQuit';
If(ProcessReturnCode = ProcessExitMinorError());
Status = 'Exit with Minor Error';
If(ProcessReturnCode = ProcessExitByQuit());
Status = 'Exit by Quit';
If(ProcessReturnCode = ProcessExitWithMessage());
Status = 'Exit with Message';
If(ProcessReturnCode = ProcessExitSeriousError());
Status = 'Exit with Serious Error';
If(ProcessReturnCode = ProcessExitOnInit());
Status = 'Exit on Init';
If(ProcessReturnCode = ProcessExitByBreak());
Status = 'Exit by Break';

vbody= 'Process failed: '|Status| '. Check '|LogDir;
Email = CellGetS('}ClientProperties','Admin','Email');
If(Email @<> '');
S_Run='cmd /c '|ScriptDir|'\SendMail.vbs '| MailServer |' 25 '|Email|' '|Email|' "TM1 chore alert" "'|vBody|'"';

2.1. adjust the LogDir, MailServer and ScriptDir values to your local settings

3. insert this monitor process in chore
This monitor process needs to be placed after every process that you would like to monitor.

How does it work?
Every process, after execution, returns a global variable "ProcessReturnCode", and that variable can be read by a process running right after in a chore.
The above process checks for that return code and pipes it to the mail script if it happens to be different from the normal exit code.

If you have a lot of processes in your chore, you will probably prefer to use the ExecuteProcess command and the check return code over a loop. That method is explained here.


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