Store any type of files in the Applications folder

The Applications folder is great but limited to views and xls files, well not anymore.
The following explains how to make available just any file in your Applications folders.

1. create a file called myfile.blob in }Applications\ on your TM1 server
it should contain the following 3 lines:

2. place your file, tutorial.pdf in this case, in }Externals or whatever path you defined in ENTRYREFERENCE

3. restart your TM1 service

ENTRYNAME is the name that will be displayed in Server Explorer.
ENTRYREFERENCE is the path to your actual file. The file does not need to be in the folder }Externals but the server must be able to access it

/!\ avoid large files, there is no sign to tell you to wait while loading, impatient users might click several times on the file and unvoluntarily flood the server or themselves.
/!\ add the extension in ENTRYNAME to avoid confusion, although it is not a .xls file, it will be displayed with an XLS icon.


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