Turbo Integrator highlighters

To make your TM1 developer day more colorful, how about a syntax highlighter for Turbo Integrator? or 2?

Turbo Integrator syntax highlighter

TM1 Highlighter for PSPad

Following up on that, I generated a syntax highlighter for PSPad which I usually use for scripting.

  • Download the file TM1.ini, then in PSPad:
  • Settings->User Highlighter
  • Load
  • Settings->Highlighter Settings
  • Select TM1 and OK


TM1 Highlighter for UltraEdit

  • Download  tm1-ultraedit.txt

  • In UltraEdit, Advanced->Configuration->Editor Display->Syntax Highlighting, open WORDFILE.TXT

  • Copy/paste the contents of tm1-ultraedit.txt in your wordfile.txt

  • Click OK. Enjoy.

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