Indexing subsets

Maintaining subsets on your server might be problematic. For example you wanted to delete an old subset that you found out to be incorrect and your server replied this:

Delete Subset failed popup

This is not quite helpful, as it does not say which views are affected and need to be corrected.

Worse is that, as Admin, you can delete any public subset as long as it is not being used in a public view. If it is used in a user's private view, it will be deleted anyway and that private view might become invalid or just won't load.

In order to remediate to these issues, I wrote this perl script that will:

  • Index all your subsets, including users' subsets.
  • Display all unused subsets (i.e. not attached to any existing views)

From the index, you can find out right away in which views a given subset is used.

I suppose the same could be achieved through the TM1 API though you would have to log as every user in turn in order to get a full index of all subsets.

Run from a DOS shell: perl \\path\to\TM1\server > mysubsets.txt


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