The example model used

In this document many examples of dynamic queries will be given. They all work (exactly as written, just copy-and-paste them into the Expression Window in the Subset Editor of the appropriate dimension to use them) on the simple set of cubes and dimensions shown below. The model is deliberately simple with no special characteristics so you should find it easy to transfer the work to your own model.

The model used included 1 main dimension, Product, on which the vast majority of the queries works plus 3 cubes: Test, Test2 and Test3. The data values in the cubes will vary during testing (you’ll want to tweak the values and re-run the query to make sure the results change and are correct) but the screenshots below show the cube and dimension structures well enough for you to quickly recreate them or how to use your own model instead. To simplify the distribution of this document there is no intention to also distribute the actual TM1 model files. Note that the main dimension used, Product, featured ragged, and multiple, hierarchies.

Date Dimension

Product Dimension

Test1 Cube

Test2 Cube

Test3 Cube