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VBA misc

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VBA function to check if a user is already logged in:

Function IsUserLoggedIn(UserName As String, _
Servername As String) As Variant

IsUserLoggedIn = _
Application.Run("DBRW", Servername & "}ClientProperties" _

Excel/Perspectives Tips

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. to reduce the probability of crashing your Excel, disable Automatic Calculation : Go to Tools->Options-> Calculation Tab then click on the Manual button
You can use:
F9 to manually refresh all the open workbooks
Shift F9 to refresh only the current worksheet
F2 enter (edit cell) to refresh only 1 cell

In TM1 9.4.1, the spreadsheets will recalculate automatically when opening a workbook, or changing a SUBNM despite automatic calc is disabled.
From the Excel top menu, click Insert->Name->Define
.In the Define Name dialog box, input TM1REBUILDOPTION
.Set the value in the Refers to box to 0 and click OK.

. avoid multiple dynamic slices on several sheets in a workbook if you can, otherwise Excel becomes quite unstable and some references might get messed up
. if you are getting the e10) data directory not found error when loading Perspectives, you need to define the data directory of your local server even if you cannot run one.
Go to Files->Options and enter a valid folder in the Data Directory box. if that box is greyed out then you need to edit manually the variable in your tm1p.ini stored on your PC.


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VBA snippets of code to integrate with Perspectives

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