WebSphere Liberty Profile SSL configuration for TM1Web

TL;DR Skip directly to the bottom of the article to find out the fastest and most secure SSL configuration for WLP/TM1Web. Otherwise, read on to understand the how and the why. 

TM1Web also known as "Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services" is a web app serving websheets through the IBM WebSphere Liberty Profile webserver currently operating under Java Running Environment 1.8.0. 

tm1s.cfg parameters cheatsheet

The number of parameters in the tm1s.cfg has been steadily rising as more features have been made available over the years in TM1. So, a cheatsheet summarising all these parameters can help as an overview of the different settings that a TM1 server can be configured with.

This cheatsheet is now available in the following formats:

Pimp my PAW

PAW mdx view block

I'm in the PAW Workbench, I open a view and I click on the "Edit MDX" button. I get a packed MDX block, with no indentation whatsoever, pretty hard to read. If only there was an option to format that MDX block to something much easier to read.....

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blogging is starting again

  • blogging on the site is starting again to somewhat regular postings.
  • upcoming articles will probably hover towards APIs, python, containers, more code, less GUI.
  • in 2019, when the site was migrated to a more recent platform, all articles lost their original publishing date and everything got bumped to the year 2019. This could lure new readers into thinking some material is recent and relevant.

BIhints moved

Hi, BIhints website moved to a 100% renewable energy powered data center in Europe. I am still working on the general formatting but most of the contents should be there.

If you noticed something is missing or you would like to see some topic more developed then let me know in the contact form.