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Number of elements per dimension vs number of dimension per cube

Hi admin,

Thank you for your reply!

Practically what are TM1 limits regarding the number of elements per dimension vs number of dimensions per cube?

For example, a dimension with 150,000 elements in a cube of 14 dimensions is better than a cube of 20 dimensions ( maximum of 3000 elements per dimesion) where users always need to suppress zero in views?

Thank you in advance,



Maximum dimension's elements and cube's dimensions

Hi all,

Can anybody know what's the maximum number of elements in a dimension and the maximum number of dimensions in a cube theoretically supported by TM1 and practically?



cubes and dimensions limits

Hi Antonio,

cubes in TM1 9.x can be made of up to 256 dimensions (I think 8.x is limited to 16 dimensions) and 2 billion elements per dimension.
Practically, you will quickly hit display and slow consolidations issues with cube viewer and tm1web if you have cubes with more than 2 dozens dimensions.