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spilling the beans


pushing data from an iSeries to TM1

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TM1 chore scheduling is frequency based, i.e. it will run and try to pull data after a predefined period of time regardless of the availability of the data at the source. Unfortunately it can be a hit or miss and it can even become a maintenance issue when Daylight Saving Time come into play.
Ideally you would need to import or get the data pushed to TM1 as soon as it is available. The following article shows one way of achieving that goal with an iSeries as the source...

a closer look at chores

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if you ever loaded a .cho file in an editor this is what you would expect:

monitoring chores by email part 2

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Following up on monitoring chores by email, we will take a slightly different approach this time.
We use a "metaprocess" to execute all the processes listed in the original chore, check their return status and eventually act on it.
This allows for maximum flexibility as you can get that controlling process to react differently to any exit status of any process.

monitoring chores by email

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Using the script in the Send Email Attachments article, it is possible to set it up to automatically email the Admin when a process in a chore fails.

scheduling chores on calendar events


Scheduling chores in TM1 can be frustrating as it does not offer to run on specific dates or other types of events. The following article explains how to create chores schedules as flexible as you need them to be.

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