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a closer look at chores

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if you ever loaded a .cho file in an editor this is what you would expect:

Dimensions updates mapping


When faced with a large "undocumented" TM1 server, it might become hard to see how dimensions are being updated.

The following perl/graphviz script creates a graph to display which processes are updating dimensions.

TM1 9.1 SP2 U2

This release fixes the following issues:

N/A When multiple views are open in Executive Viewer, the TM1 server crashes when
you close the last open view.

N/A If one thread is changing the registration of a subset from unregistered to private and another thread is deleting elements from the dimension that is the parent of the subset, a TM1 server crash can occur.

TM1 9.1SP2 U1

TM1 9.1.2 U1 was released yesterday

fixed issues:

330067 The TM1DimensionElementDelete API function performs poorly in comparison to
previous TM1 releases.

330355 In TM1 9.1, initial connection to the TM1 server using the

TM1 9.0 SP3 U5

TM1 9.0 SP3 U5 was released last week

fixed issues:

Using the TM1 VUSLICE function in an Excel template was
causing a TM1 server crash.
A customer reported that certain TI processes were taking