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Attached to this page is the TM1 Open Source Toolkit developed by James Wakefield

v 1.0.1 adds:
.vba code for running TI processes/chores
.vba for running MDX reports

v 1.0 includes:
.Treeview control on form showing TM1 Servers with cubes and public views. An Imagelist control is used to populate the treeview with images.
.Button on Treeview form allowing user to select view and be written to Excel
.Button on Treeview form allowing user to select view and be shown equivalent MDX statement
.Button on Treeview form allowing user to select view and be shown equivalent XML statement
.form in vba that people can easily use to collect text commentary into TM1
.KillTM1 module of Robert Gardiner's that kills DBRW'S

Definitely a great piece of work to see how the API can be used.
It also saves you from reinventing the wheel.

I will try to track and make available all (future) versions of that toolkit on this page.

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TM1.SDK.1.0.xls352.5 KB
TM1.SDK.1.0.1.xls410.5 KB

Hi, For anyone who finds


For anyone who finds themselves looking at this page to be able to query MDX in TM1. The MDX query tool in this is to put it bluntly: rubbish. The alarm should start when you spot the webdings font encrypted password box. From there VBA does not have any error handling, there's no proper interface or syntax check for the MDX (you input the MDX into a cell) and you'll most likely find yourself wishing that all of your TM1 data was... well, not in TM1.

I would call this VBA code samples, not an SDK. Not sure if there's a better MDX tool now for TM1, but my advice would be to look elsewhere.

Enabling Power point in Contributor and Perspectives for Excel

looking Difference


i am looking some thing new here, is their any chance to enable PPT option Cognos pers for excel and contributor,

i already enable option Cube slices jump into PPT using excel macro,but my idea is wy dont we implement same functionality in Contributor.

But i am searching for right way Their is no option to enable macro in contributor or Pres for excel

i really appriciated your valuble giudence to make some thing difference