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realtime monitoring of your TM1 server, pretty much like the GNU top command.


It is bundled with TM1 only from version 9.1. You might have to ask your support contact to get it or get Ben Hill's TM1Top below.

. dump the files in a folder
. edit tm1top.ini, replace myserver and myadminhost with your setup


. run the tm1top.exe

X exit
W write display to a file
H help
V verify/login to allow cancelling jobs
C cancel threads, you must first login to use that command
Keep in mind all it does is to insert a "ProcessQuit" command in the chosen thread.
Hence it will not work if the user is calculating a large view or a TI is stuck in a loop where it never reads the next data record, as the quit command is entered for the next data line rather than the next line of code. Then your only option becomes to terminate the user's connection with the server manager or API. (thanks Steve Vincent).

Ben "Kyro" Hill did a great job developing a very convenient GUI TM1Top. You can find it attached below.

TM1Top tray
(green = mostly idle, orange = user data request, red = process running/rule saving/overload)

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TM1Top Did not Work for 9.0 SP1


I tried to use TM1Top in version 9.0 SP1 environment, it is able to monitor processes but it fails when I try to Verify Access. Is there any version of TM1top that works in TM1 9.0? Any help will be appreciated.


New version of TM1TOP for 9.4. available?

is there a new version of Ben's TM1TOP tool available, able to work with TM1 version 9.4.? Where can I download it?

Can't Get It...

I can't seem to download tm1top from the forums. Any idea where else I can get it?

tm1top download

right, I forgot about the referrer blocking problem.
You can go on the forum, search for tm1top that should lead you to the thread where it is attached.

Alternatively you can download it directly from if their ftp is up.
or just ask it from your Applix support.


Got it! Thanks!