AsciiOutput can help tracking what values are being used during execution of your TI processes.



Keep in mind Asciioutput limitations:

  • .it is limited to 1024 characters per line
  • it can deal only with strings, so you need to apply the NumberToString() function to all numeric variables that you would like to display like var3 in the example above.
  • it will open/close the file at every step of the TI. Prolog/Metadata/Data/Epilog that means if you use the same filename to dump your variables in any of these, it will be overwritten by the previous tab process.

Hence you should use different filenames in each tab.

  • use DataSourceASCIIQuoteCharacter=''; in the Prolog tab if you want to get rid of the quotes in output.
  • use DatasourceASCIIThousandSeparator=''; to remove thousand separators.
  • use DatasourceASCIIDelimiter='|';  to change from ',' to '|' as separators


Alternatively you can use ItemReject if the record you step through is rejected, it will then be dumped to the error message

Use DatasourceASCIIDelimiter to

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