Tracing TM1 references

Homemade TM1 reports can get quite convoluted and users might get a hard time updating them as it is difficult to tell where some TM1 formulas are pointing to.
The excel formula auditing toolbar can be useful in such situations.

  • right click next to the top bar to bring up the bars menu
  • select "Formula Auditing" bar

Formula auditing setting in Excel

Publish Views

Publishing users' view is still far from a quick and simple process in TM1.
First, the admin cannot see other users' views.
Second, users cannot publish their own views themselves.
So publishing views always require a direct intervention from the admin, well not anymore :)

1. create a process with the following code
in Advanced->Parameters Tab

Parameters Tab settings

Cube Viewer tips

Columns width

When you have a view with a lot of dimensions displayed, it happens that most of the screen estate is consumed by the dimensions columns and you find yourself scrolling a lot left and right to read the data points.
To ease that problem:

  • choose the shortest aliases for all dimensions from the subset editor

  • choose subset names as short as possible

  • uncheck the Options->Expand Row Header

Excel/Perspectives Tips

Synchronising Excel data

. to reduce the probability of crashing your Excel, disable Automatic Calculation : Go to Tools->Options-> Calculation Tab then click on the Manual button

You can use:

  • F9 to manually refresh all the open workbooks
  • Shift F9 to refresh only the current worksheet
  • F2 and Enter key (i.e. edit cell) to refresh only 1 cell



  • To get cube views to display much faster in tm1web: subsets of the dimensions at the top must contain only 1 element each
  • Clicking on the icons in the Export dropdown menu will have no effect, only clicking on the associated text on the right "slice/snapshot/pdf" will start an export

Subset Editor

Tree View

To display consolidated elements below their children: View -> Expand Above

Faster Subset Editor

In order to get a faster response from the subset editor, disable the Properties Window:
View -> Properties Window
or click the "Display Properties Window" from the toolbar

Updating an existing subset

to add one or more elements in an existing subset without recreating it:
from the subset editor