tm1s.cfg parameters cheatsheet

The number of parameters in the tm1s.cfg has been steadily rising as more features have been made available over the years in TM1. So, a cheatsheet summarising all these parameters can help as an overview of the different settings that a TM1 server can be configured with.

This cheatsheet is now available in the following formats:

  • csv so you can build your own variations of the cheatsheet
  • tm1s.cfg including all parameters, only the required parameters are uncommented, every parameter is set to its known default value (as of 2023-02-14 and according to the IBM online documentation). There should not be a need to explicitly define a parameter when you just want to stick to the default value. However, be cautious that IBM may change default values and that could lead to issues when upgrading versions.
  • md markdown to save in your personal knowledge management repository full of markdown files to ripgrep through fzf.vim
  • pdf for an allegedly pretty overview (coming soon)
  • html below or here on its own that you can "Save as" to use as a local copy.

The cheatsheet is generated with python scripts (coming soon) responsible for the conversion of the csv file to a pandas dataframe and then exported to different formats. The csv file currently holds the following fields:

  1. parameter: name of the parameter
  2. optional: indicates if the parameter is either required or optional.
  3. restart: indicates if the parameter is either dynamic or static 🔄, in the later case, it requires a service restart when its value has been modified
  4. url: URL address of the official IBM Planning Analytics documentation for that parameter
  5. default: default value of that parameter when it is not explicitly declared
  6. type: type of that parameter (bool, int, float, str, time). This will be useful for scripts checking tm1s.cfg validity
  7. context: arbitrary categorisation for the context of the parameter e.g. it can be Network related, Rules related, etc..
  8. dependency: that may hold the name of another parameter that the current parameter may rely on to operate
  9. description: short description about what the parameter does

The categorisation is completely arbitrary, most parameters could fit in several categories, so I just picked one that seemed most appropriate. This is a limitation and probably something to look into for the design of future versions of that csv file.

And finally, the tm1s.cfg parameters cheatsheet in html.

Note that there is a drop down menu at the top of the Context column. This allows you to show only parameters that relate to a specific aspect of your TM1 server. If you are on mobile, you probably need to rotate your screen for a wide display in order to display all 5 columns.

tm1s.cfg parameters cheatsheet

parameters in bold are required.
🔄 = static parameter, the TM1 service must be restarted for the new value of that parameter to take effect.

parameter default restart context
AdminHost   🔄 Network computer name or IP address of the Admin Host on which an Admin Server is running.
AllowReadOnlyChoreReschedule F 🔄 Chores Provides users with READ access to a chore and the ability to activate deactivate and reschedule chores.
AllowSeparateNandCRules F 🔄 Rules if true then rule expressions for N: and C: levels can be on separate lines using identical AREA definitions.
AllRuleCalcStargateOptimization F 🔄 Rules if true then it can improve performance in calculating views that contain only rule-calculated values. In some unique cases enabling this parameter can result in performance degradation so you should test the effect of the parameter in a development environment before deploying to your production environment.
ApplyMaximumViewSizeToEntireTransaction F   Views Applies MaximumViewSize to the entire transaction instead of to individual calculations.
AuditLogMaxFileSize 100 MB   Logs and Messages maximum file size that an audit log file can grow to before it is closed and a new file is created.
AuditLogMaxQueryMemory 100 MB   Logs and Messages maximum amount of memory that TM1 can use when running an audit log query and retrieving the set of results.
AuditLogOn F   Logs and Messages if true turns audit logging on.
AuditLogUpdateInterval 60   Logs and Messages maximum amount of minutes that TM1 waits before moving the events from the temporary audit file into the final audit log.
AutomaticallyAddCubeDependencies T 🔄 Rules Determines if cube dependencies are set automatically or if you must manually identify the cube dependencies for each cube.
CacheFriendlyMalloc F 🔄 Cache Allows for memory alignment that is specific to the IBM Power Platform.
CalculationThresholdForStorage 50   Rules minimum number of rule calculations required for a single cell or Stargate view beyond which TM1 stores the calculations for use during the current server session.
CAMPortalVariableFile   🔄 Cognos Analytics The path to the variables_TM1.xml file in your IBM Cognos installation.
CAMUseSSL F 🔄 Cognos Analytics all communications between TM1 and the Cognos Analytics server must use SSL.
CheckCAMClientAlias T   Cognos Analytics When audit logging is enabled with the AuditLogOn parameter the CheckCAMClientAlias parameter determines whether user modifications within Cognos Authentication Manager (CAM) groups are written to the audit log.
CheckFeedersMaximumCells 3000000   Rules Limits the number of cells checked by the Check Feeders option in the Cube Viewer.
ClientCAMURI     Cognos Analytics The URI the Cognos Server Connection uses to authenticate TM1 clients.
ClientExportSSLSvrCert F 🔄 Authentication and Encryption TM1 client should retrieve the certificate authority certificate which was originally used to issue TM1 certificate from the MS Windows certificate store.
ClientExportSSLSvrKeyID   🔄 Authentication and Encryption identity key used by a TM1 client to export the certificate authority certificate which was originally used to issue TM1 certificate from the MS Windows certificate store.
ClientMessagePortNumber   🔄 Network secondary port used to accept client messages concerning the progress and ultimate cancellation of a lengthy operation without tying up thread reserves.
ClientPingCAMPassport 900   Cognos Analytics interval in seconds that a client should ping the Cognos Authentication Management server to keep their passport alive.
ClientPropertiesSyncInterval     Logs and Messages frequency (in seconds) at which client properties are updated in the }ClientProperties control cube. Set to 1800 seconds to update cube every 30 minutes.
ClientVersionMaximum     Network maximum client version that can connect to TM1.
ClientVersionMinimum 8.4.00000   Network minimum client version that can connect to TM1.
ClientVersionPrecision 0   Network precisely identify the minimum and maximum versions of clients that can connect to TM1.
CognosMDX.AggregateByAncestorRef F 🔄 Cognos Analytics When possible replaces aggregation over a member set with a reference to an ancestor if the aggregated member set comprises a complete set of descendants and all members have the weight 1.
CognosMDX.CellCacheEnable T 🔄 Cognos Analytics Allows the IBM Cognos MDX engine to modify TM1 consolidation and calculation cell cache strategies.
CognosMDX.PrefilterWithPXJ F 🔄 Cognos Analytics Expands the data source provider cross join approach to nested filtered sets.
CognosMDX.SimpleCellsUseOPTSDK T 🔄 Cognos Analytics Applies IBM Cognos MDX engine consolidation and calculation cell cache strategies to all cells in query results.
CognosMDX.UseProviderCrossJoinThreshold 0 🔄 Cognos Analytics Applies the data source provider cross join strategy even if it is not explicitly enabled in Cognos Analytics.
CognosTM1InterfacePath   🔄 Cognos Analytics location of the IBM Cognos Analytics server to use when importing data from a Cognos Package to TM1 configuration using the Package Connector.
CreateNewCAMClients T   Cognos Analytics The CreateNewCAMClients server configuration parameter determines how TM1 configuration handles an attempt to log on to the server with CAM credentials in the absence of a corresponding TM1 client.
DataBaseDirectory   🔄 Files data directory from which the database loads cubes dimensions and other objects.
DefaultMeasuresDimension F 🔄 Cubes Identifies if a measures dimension is created. TM1 does not require that a measures dimension be defined for a cube. You can optionally define a measures dimension by modifying the cube properties.
DisableMemoryCache F 🔄 Cache Disables the memory cache used by TM1 memory manager.
DisableSandboxing F   Sandboxes if false then users have the ability to use sandboxes across the server.
DownTime     Chores time when the database will come down automatically.
EnableNewHierarchyCreation F 🔄 Dimensions multiple hierarchy creation is enabled or disabled.
EnableSandboxDimension F   Sandboxes virtual sandbox dimension feature is enabled or disabled.
EnableTIDebugging F   Turbo Integrator TurboIntegrator debugging capabilities are enabled or disabled.
EventLogging T   Logs and Messages event logger is either turned on or off.
EventScanFrequency 1   Logs and Messages period to check the collection of threads where 1 is the minimum number and 0 disables the scan.
EventThreshold.PooledMemoryInMB 0   Logs and Messages threshold for which a message is printed for the event that the database's pooled memory exceeds a certain value.
EventThreshold.ThreadBlockingNumber 5   Logs and Messages warning is printed when a thread blocks at least the specified number of threads.
EventThreshold.ThreadRunningTime 600   Logs and Messages warning is printed when a thread has been running for the specified length of time.
EventThreshold.ThreadWaitingTime 20   Logs and Messages warning is printed when a thread has been blocked by another thread for the specified length of time.
ExcelWebPublishEnabled F   TM1Web Enables the publication of MS Excel files to IBM Cognos TM1 Web as well as the export of MS Excel files from TM1 Web when MS Excel is not installed on the web server. Enable the ExcelWebPublishEnabled parameter when you have TM1 10.1 clients that connect to TM1 10.2.2 servers.
FileRetry.Count 5   Logs and Messages number of retry attempts.
FileRetry.Delay 2000   Logs and Messages time delay between retry attempts.
FileRetry.FileSpec     Logs and Messages  
FIPSOperationMode 2 🔄 Authentication and Encryption Controls the level of support for Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).
ForceReevaluationOfFeedersForFedCellsOnDataChange F 🔄 Rules When this parameter is set a feeder statement is forced to be re-evaluated when data changes.
HTTPOriginAllowList     Network a comma-delimited list of external origins (URLs) that are trusted and can access TM1.
HTTPPortNumber 5001 🔄 Network port number on which TM1 listens for incoming HTTP(S) requests.
HTTPRequestEntityMaxSizeInKB 32   Network This TM1 configuration parameter sets the maximum size for an HTTP request entity that can be handled by TM1.
HTTPSessionTimeoutMinutes 20   Authentication and Encryption timeout value for authentication sessions for TM1 REST API.
IdleConnectionTimeOutSeconds     Authentication and Encryption timeout limit for idle client connections in seconds.
IndexStoreDirectory   🔄 Files Added in v2.0.5 Designates a folder to store index files including bookmark files.
IntegratedSecurityMode     Authentication and Encryption the user authentication mode to be used by TM1.
IPAddressV4   🔄 Network IPv4 address for an individual TM1 service.
IPAddressV6   🔄 Network IPv6 address for an individual TM1 service.
IPVersion ipv4 🔄 Network Internet Protocol version used by TM1 to identify IP addresses on the network.
JavaClassPath   🔄 Java parameter to make third-party Java™ libraries available to TM1.
JavaJVMArgs   🔄 Java list of arguments to pass to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Arguments are separated by a space and the dash character. For example JavaJVMArgs=-argument1=xxx -argument2=yyy.
JavaJVMPath   🔄 Java path to the Java Virtual Machine .dll file (jvm.dll) which is required to run Java from TM1 TurboIntegrator.
keyfile   🔄 Authentication and Encryption file path to the key database file. The key database file contains the server certificate and trusted certificate authorities. The server certificate is used by TM1 and the Admin server.
keylabel   🔄 Authentication and Encryption label of the server certificate in the key database file.
keystashfile   🔄 Authentication and Encryption file path to the key database password file. The key database password file is the key store that contains the password to the key database file.
Language   🔄 Logs and Messages language used for TM1. This parameter applies to messages generated by the server and is also used in the user interface of the server dialog box when you run the server as an application instead of a Windows service.
LDAPHost localhost 🔄 Authentication and Encryption domain name or dotted string representation of the IP address of the LDAP server host.
LDAPPasswordFile   🔄 Authentication and Encryption password file used when LDAPUseServerAccount is not used. This is the full path of the .dat file that contains the encrypted password for the Admin Server's private key.
LDAPPasswordKeyFile   🔄 Authentication and Encryption password key used when LDAPUseServerAccount is not used.
LDAPPort 389 🔄 Authentication and Encryption port TM1 uses to bind to an LDAP server.
LDAPSearchBase   🔄 Authentication and Encryption node in the LDAP tree where TM1 begins searching for valid users.
LDAPSearchField cn 🔄 Authentication and Encryption The name of the LDAP attribute that is expected to contain the name of TM1 user being validated.
LDAPSkipSSLCertVerification F 🔄 Authentication and Encryption Skips the certificate trust verification step for the SSL certificate used to authenticate to an LDAP server. This parameter is applicable only when LDAPVerifyServerSSLCert=T.
LDAPSkipSSLCRLVerification F 🔄 Authentication and Encryption Skips CRL checking for the SSL certificate used to authenticate to an LDAP server. This parameter is applicable only when LDAPVerifyServerSSLCert=T.
LDAPTimeout 0   Authentication and Encryption number of seconds that TM1 waits to complete a bind to an LDAP server. If the LDAPTimeout value is exceeded TM1 immediately aborts the connection attempt.
LDAPUseServerAccount   🔄 Authentication and Encryption Determines if a password is required to connect to TM1 when using LDAP authentication.
LDAPVerifyCertServerName F 🔄 Authentication and Encryption server to use during the SSL certificate verification process for LDAP server authentication. This parameter is applicable only when LDAPVerifyServerSSLCert=T.
LDAPVerifyServerSSLCert F 🔄 Authentication and Encryption Delegates the verification of the SSL certificate to TM1. This parameter is useful for example when you are using LDAP with a proxy server.
LDAPWellKnownUserName   🔄 Authentication and Encryption user name used by TM1 to log in to LDAP and look up the name submitted by the user.
LoadPrivateSubsetsOnStartup F 🔄 Subsets This configuration parameter determines if private subsets are loaded when TM1 starts.
LoadPublicViewsAndSubsetsAtStartup T 🔄 Views Added in v2.0.8 This configuration parameter enables whether public subsets and views are loaded when the TM1 starts and keeps them loaded to avoid lock contention during the first use.
LockPagesInMemory F 🔄 deprecated Deprecated as of IBM TM1 with Watson version When this parameter is enabled memory pages used by TM1 process are held in memory (locked) and do not page out to disk under any circumstances. This retains the pages in memory over an idle period making access to TM1 data faster after the idle period.
LoggingDirectory   🔄 Logs and Messages directory to which TM1 saves its log files.
LogReleaseLineCount 5000   Logs and Messages number of lines that a search of the Transaction Log will accumulate in a locked state before releasing temporarily so that other Transaction Log activity can proceed.
MagnitudeDifferenceToBeZero   🔄 Calculations order of magnitude of the numerator relative to the denominator above which the denominator equals zero when using a safe division operator.
MaskUserNameInServerTools T 🔄 Logs and Messages Determines whether usernames in server administration tools are masked until a user is explicitly verified as having administrator access.
MaximumCubeLoadThreads 0 🔄 Multithreading Specifies whether the cube load and feeder calculation phases of server loading are multi-threaded so multiple processor cores can be used in parallel.
MaximumLoginAttempts 3   Authentication and Encryption maximum number of failed user login attempts permissible on TM1.
MaximumMemoryForSubsetUndo 10240   Cache maximum amount of memory in kilobytes to be dedicated to storing the Undo/Redo stack for the Subset Editor.
MaximumSynchAttempts 1 🔄 Network maximum number of times a synchronization process on a planet database will attempt to reconnect to a network before the process fails.
MaximumTILockObjects 2000 🔄 Turbo Integrator This configuration parameter sets the maximum lock objects for a TurboIntegrator process. Used by the synchronized() TurboIntegrator function.
MaximumUserSandboxSize 500 MB   Sandboxes maximum amount of RAM memory (in MB) to be allocated per user for personal workspaces or sandboxes.
MaximumViewSize 500 MB   Views maximum amount of memory (in MB) to be allocated when a user accesses a view.
MDXSelectCalculatedMemberInputs T   MDX Changes the way in which calculated members in MDX expressions are handled when zero suppression is enabled.
MemoryCache.LockFree F   Cache Switches global garbage collection to use lock free structures.
MessageCompression T 🔄 Network Enables message compression for large messages that significantly reduces network traffic.
MTCubeLoad F   Multithreading Enables multi-threaded loading of individual cubes.
MTCubeLoad.MinFileSize 10KB   Multithreading minimum size for cube files to be loaded on multiple threads.
MTCubeLoad.UseBookmarkFiles F   Multithreading Enables the persisting of bookmarks on disk.
MTCubeLoad.Weight 10   Multithreading number of atomic operations needed to load a single cell.
MTFeeders F   Multithreading Applies multi-threaded query parallelization techniques to the following processes: the CubeProcessFeeders TurboIntegrator function cube rule updates and construction of multi-threaded (MT) feeders at start-up.
MTFeeders.AtStartup F   Multithreading If the MTFEEDERS configuration option is enabled enabling MTFeeders.AtStartup applies multi-threaded (MT) feeder construction during server start-up.
MTFeeders.AtomicWeight 10   Multithreading number of required atomic operations to process feeders of a single cell.
MTQ -1   Multithreading maximum number of threads per single-user connection when multi-threaded optimization is applied. Used when processing queries and in batch feeder and cube load operations.
MTQ.OperationProgressCheckSkipLoopSize 10000   Multithreading fine-tune multi-threaded query processing.
MTQ.SingleCellConsolidation T   Multithreading fine-tune multi-threaded query processing.
MTQQuery T   Multithreading enable multi-threaded query processing when calculating a view to be used as a TurboIntegrator process datasource.
NetRecvBlockingWaitLimitSeconds 0 🔄 Network have the database perform the wait period for a client to send the next request as a series of shorter wait periods. This parameter changes the wait from one long wait period to shorter wait periods so that a thread can be canceled if needed.
NetRecvMaxClientIOWaitWithinAPIsSeconds 0 🔄 Network maximum time for a client to do I/O within the time interval between the arrival of the first packet of data for a set of APIs through processing until a response has been sent.
NIST_SP800_131A_MODE T 🔄 Authentication and Encryption the database must operate in compliance with the SP800-131A encryption standard.
ODBCLibraryPath   🔄 ODBC name and location of the ODBC interface library (.so file) on UNIX.
ODBCTimeoutInSeconds 0   ODBC timeout value that is sent to the ODBC driver using the SQL_ATTR_QUERY_TIMEOUT and SQL_ATTR_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT connection attributes.
OptimizeClient 0   Cache Added in v2.0.7 This parameter determines whether private objects are loaded when the user authenticates during TM1 startup.
OracleErrorForceRowStatus 0 🔄 ODBC ensure the correct interaction between TurboIntegrator processes and Oracle ODBC data sources.
PasswordMinimumLength     Authentication and Encryption minimum password length for clients accessing TM1.
PasswordSource TM1 🔄 Authentication and Encryption Compares user-entered password to the stored password. This parameter is applicable only to TM1s on cloud or local. It is not applicable to TM1 Engine in Cloud Pak for Data or Amazon Web Services.
PerfMonIsActive T   Logs and Messages turn updates to TM1 performance counters on or off.
PerformanceMonitorOn F   Logs and Messages Automatically starts populating the }Stats control cubes when a TM1 starts.
PersistentFeeders F 🔄 Rules To improve reload time of cubes with feeders set the PersistentFeeders configuration parameter to true (T) to store the calculated feeders to a .feeders file.
PortNumber 12345 🔄 Network server port number used to distinguish between multiple TM1s running on the same computer.
PreallocatedMemory.BeforeLoad F   Cache Added in v2.0.5 Specifies whether the preallocation of memory occurs before TM1 loading or in parallel.
PreallocatedMemory.Size 0   Cache Added in v2.0.5 Triggers the preallocation of pooled TM1 memory.
PreallocatedMemory.ThreadNumber 4   Multithreading Added in v2.0.5 Specifies the number of threads used for preallocation memory in multi-threaded cube loading.
PrivilegeGenerationOptimization F 🔄 Cache When TM1 generates security privileges from a security control cube it reads every cell from that cube.
ProgressMessage T 🔄 Logs and Messages whether users have the option to cancel lengthy view calculations.
ProportionSpreadToZeroCells T 🔄 Logs and Messages Allows you to perform a proportional spread from a consolidation without generating an error when all the leaf cells contain zero values.
PullInvalidationSubsets T   Subsets Reduces metadata locking by not requiring an R-lock (read lock) on the dimension during subset creation deletion or loading from disk.
RawStoreDirectory     Logs and Messages location of the temporary unprocessed log file for audit logging if logging takes place in a directory other than the data directory.
ReceiveProgressResponseTimeoutSecs     Network The ReceiveProgressResponseTimeoutSecs parameter configures TM1 to sever the client connection and release resources during a long wait for a Cancel action.
ReduceCubeLockingOnDimensionUpdate F 🔄 Dimensions Reduces the occurrence of cube locking during dimension updates.
RulesOverwriteCellsOnLoad F 🔄 Rules Prevents cells from being overwritten on TM1 load in rule-derived data.
RunningInBackground F 🔄 Linux When you add the line RunningInBackground=T to TM1 configuration TM1 on UNIX runs in background mode.
SaveFeedersOnRuleAttach T   Rules When set to False postpones writing to feeder files until SaveDataAll and CubeDataSave are called instead of updating the files right after rules are changed and feeders are generated at TM1 start time.
SaveTime     Chores time of day to execute an automatic save of TM1 data; saves the cubes every succeeding day at the same time. As with a regular shutdown SaveTime renames the log file opens a new log file and continues to run after the save.
SecurityPackageName   🔄 Authentication and Encryption If you configure TM1 to use Integrated Login the SecurityPackageName parameter defines the security package that authenticates your user name and password in MS Windows.
ServerCAMURI     Cognos Analytics URI for the internal dispatcher that TM1 should use to connect to Cognos Authentication Manager (CAM).
ServerCAMURIRetryAttempts 3 🔄 Cognos Analytics number of attempts made before moving on to the next ServerCAMURI entry in TM1 configuration.
ServerLogging F   Logs and Messages Generates a log with the security activity details on TM1 that are associated with Integrated Login.
ServerName   🔄 Network name of the server. If you do not supply this parameter TM1 names the server Local and treats it as a local server.
ServicePrincipalName   🔄 Authentication and Encryption service principal name (SPN) when using Integrated Login with TM1 Web and constrained delegation.
SpreadErrorInTIDiscardsAllChanges F 🔄 Turbo Integrator If SpreadErrorInTIDiscardsAllChanges is enabled and a spreading error occurs as part of a running TurboIntegrator script all changes that were made by that TurboIntegrator script are discarded.
SpreadingPrecision 1e-8   Calculations Use the SpreadingPrecision parameter to increase or decrease the margin of error for spreading calculations. The SpreadingPrecision parameter value is specified with scientific (exponential) notation.
SQLRowsetSize 50   ODBC Added in v2.0.3 Specifies the maximum number of rows to retrieve per ODBC request.
SSLCertAuthority   🔄 Authentication and Encryption name of TM1's certificate authority file. This file must reside on the computer where TM1 is installed.
SSLCertificate   🔄 Authentication and Encryption full path of TM1's certificate file which contains the public/private key pair.
SSLCertificateID   🔄 Authentication and Encryption name of the principal to whom TM1's certificate is issued.
StartupChores   🔄 Chores StartupChores is a configuration parameter that identifies a list of chores that run at database startup.
SubsetElementBreatherCount -1   Subsets handles locking behavior for subsets.
SupportPreTLSv12Clients F 🔄 Authentication and Encryption As of TM1 10.2.2 Fix Pack 6 ( all SSL-secured communication between clients and databases in TM1 uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2. This parameter determines whether clients prior to can connect to the or later TM1 server.
SvrSSLExportKeyID   🔄 Authentication and Encryption identity key used to export TM1's certificate from the MS Windows certificate store.
SyncUnitSize 1000 🔄 Network frequency of saving a check point during a synchronization process in case there is a network connection failure.
tlsCipherList   🔄 Network comma-separated list of supported cipher suites in priority sequence.
TopLogging F   Logs and Messages Added in v2.0.7 Enables dynamic logging of the threads that are running in an instance of TM1.
TopScanFrequency 5   Logs and Messages Added in v2.0.7 Specifies the logging frequency (interval) in seconds for the TopLogging logger which enables dynamic logging of the threads that are running in an instance of TM1.
TopScanMode.Sandboxes F   Logs and Messages Added in v2.0.7 Enables logging of the active sandboxes for the current TM1 the total memory that is consumed for all sandboxes by a user and the number of sandboxes for this user.
TopScanMode.SandboxQueueMetrics F   Logs and Messages Added in v2.0.7 Enables logging of sandbox queue metrics. The name of the node for the sandbox the status of the sandbox in the queue and the length of time the sandbox was in the queue before it was processed is logged for each sandbox in the queue.
TopScanMode.Threads T   Logs and Messages Added in v2.0.7 Enables logging of the current processing state of each thread. This information includes the name of the user or process that started the thread the API function that the thread is executing the lock status of the last object that was locked the number of objects that are used by the thread and the total time in seconds that the current API function or chore process has been processing.
UnicodeUpperLowerCase T 🔄 Logs and Messages This configuration parameter instructs TM1 to identify and handle Unicode object names preventing the creation of identical Unicode object names that vary only in case.
UseExcelSerialDate F 🔄 Calculations Enables the use of MS Excel serial dates instead of TM1 serial dates.
UseLocalCopiesforPublicDynamicSubsets T   Subsets Allows public dynamic subsets to improve performance and reduce locking by using local copies of the subset when possible.
UserDefinedCalculations T   Subsets Enables the Rollup and Insert Subset options to create user-defined consolidations in the Subset Editor in TM1 and enables the Create Custom Consolidation button in TM1(r)Web clients.
UseSQLFetch UseSQLFetchScroll UseSQLExtendedFetch F   ODBC These parameters instruct TM1 to use a particular fetch call.
UseSSL T 🔄 Authentication and Encryption Enables or disables SSL on TM1.
UseStargateForRules T 🔄 Rules rules use Stargate views.
VersionedListControlDimensions T 🔄 Dimensions Removes contention on control dimensions such as }Cubes }Dimensions }Groups }Clients. Allows creation of new objects without IX locking the dimension.
ViewConsolidationOptimization T 🔄 Views Enables or disables view consolidation optimization on TM1.
ViewConsolidationOptimizationMethod TREE 🔄 Views method used to achieve view consolidation optimization when the ViewConsolidationOptimization parameter is enabled on TM1.
ZeroWeightOptimization T 🔄 Calculations Determines whether consolidated members with a weight of 0 are factored into the computation of consolidated cell values or consolidation functions. Consolidation functions include ConsolidatedCount ConsolidatedMax ConsolidatedMin ConsolidatedAvg ConsolidatedCount and ConsolidatedCountUnique.

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