Locking and updating locked cubes

Locking cubes is a good way to insure your (meta)data is not tampered with.
Right click on the cube you wish to lock, then select Security->Lock.
This now protects the cube contents from TI process and (un)intentional admins' changes.
However, this makes updating your (meta)data more time consuming, as you need to remove the lock prior to updating the cube.

Hopefully, the function CubeLockOverride allows you to automate that step. The following TI code demonstrates this,
.lock a cube
.copy/paste the code in a TI Prolog tab
.change the parameters to fit your system

# uncomment / comment the next line to see the process win / fail

Dim = 'Day';
Element = 'Day 01';
Attribute = 'Dates 2010';
NewValue = 'Saint Glinglin';

if( CellIsUpdateable('}ElementAttributes_' | Dim, Element, Attribute) = 1);
    AttrPutS(NewValue, Dim, Element, Attribute);
    ItemReject('could not unlock element ' | Element | ' in ' | Dim);

Note: CubeLockOverride is in the reserved words listed in the TM1 manual but its function seems to be only documented in the 8.4.5 releases notes.
This works from 8.4.5 to the more recent 9.x series

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