Managing the licenses limit

One day you might face or already faced the problem of too many licences being in use and as a result additional users cannot log in.
Also on a default setup, nothing stops users from opening several tm1web/perspectives sessions and reach the limit of licenses.
So in order to prevent that:

.open the cube }ClientProperties, change all users' MaximumPorts to 1
.in your tm1s.cfg add that line, it will timeout all idle connections after 1 hour:
IdleConnectionTimeOutSeconds = 3600

To see who's logged on:
.use tm1top
.open the cube }ClientProperties
all logged users have the STATUS measure set to "ACTIVE"
.in server manager (rightclick server icon), click "Select clients..." to get the list

To kick some users without taking the server down:
in server explorer right click on your server icon -> Server Manager
select disconnect clients and "Select clients..."
then OK and they are gone.

Unfortunately there is still no workaround for the admin to log in when users take all the slots allowed.


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