Beam me up Scotty: 3D Animated TM1 Data Flow

Explore the structure of your TM1 system through the Skyrails 3D interface:

If you do not have flash, you can have a look at some screenshots
/!\ WARNING: your eyeballs may pop out!

This is basically the same as the previous work with graphviz, except this time it is pushed to 3D, animated and interactive.

So the visualisation engine Skyrails is developed by Ph.D. student Yose Widjaja.
I only wrote the TM1 parser and associated Skyrails script to port a high level view of the TM1 Data flow into the Skyrails realm.

How to proceed:

  • Download and unzip skyrails beta 2nd build
  • Download and unzip (attachment below) in the skyraildist2 folder
  • In the skyraildist2 folder, doubleclick (you will need perl installed unless someone wants to provide a compiled .exe of the script with the PAR module)
  • Enter the path to (a copy of) your TM1 Data folder
  • Skyrails window opens, click on the "folder" icon and click TM1
  • If you don't want to install perl, you can still enjoy a preview of the Planning Sample that comes out of the box. Just double-click on raex.exe.

w,s,a,d keys to move the camera

Quick legend:
orange -- cube
blue -- process
light cyan -- file
red -- ODBC source
green sphere -- probably reference to an object that does not exists (anymore)
green edge: intercube rule flow
red edge: process (CellGet/CellPut) floww

Changelog and Downloads:

1.1 a few mouse gestures added (right click on a node then follow instructions) to get planar (like graphviz) and spherical representations.
1.2 - edges color coded, see legend above
- animated arrows
- gestures to display different flows (no flow/rules only/processes only/all flow)





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